About Us

Dhwani Mehta

Director, FirstHR

Dear Friend,
Thanks for being curious about First-HR.

Let me give you a little background, why we created this service and you will have a better idea why you should join hands with us.

FirstHR is my answer to HR experts.

They lecture entrepreneurs, even laugh at business owners. Because business people don’t know HR and yet try to do their job.

These experts never talk about cost.

Will they be affordable to us? I am an entrepreneur like you. I created my HR automation business from scratch. I know what it takes to build a business and to run it profitably...As the business grows, team grows too...Good HR professionals are not affordable... So we entrepreneurs take help from friends, study HR websites and try to find out solutions.

But... HR activities eat into our core business time.

That is not advisable. First-HR Services is specially created so that you can focus on business; my team will take care of your HR needs. At a cost so low, you will think I am gone crazy. Don’t try to calculate how I run the business at these low prices while winning the confidence of the clients.

FirstHR has become possible at ultra-low charges because of our solid HR knowledge and strong technical support from my other businesses.

My technical infrastructure cost, software development cost, and other costs are already taken care of. Now, I am leveraging this.

So what you are getting is a world-class HR solution by paying only a fraction of what it costs to run this. Don't feel guilty. As a successful entrepreneur, I know how to run it profitably even at low margins.

So, if you can smell a great opportunity, grab FirstHR without delay.

To maintain the high level of performance we can only service 20 clients in Mumbai and Pune. 12 are already on board.

If you wish to join this revolutionary HR opportunity: Register your business now.

If you are serious about joining us

Call my direct number : 7700954949

Dhwani Mehta

Ps: Please don't push me to take you on board if the door closes after 20 clients. It is a decision by the advisory board and I can't override it.